Looking for a " All Natural Handmade Signature Soap" for your business; special gathering or just for personal use; a special gift for someone? Let's talk!

Monogrammed Soap &  Wholesale
Ever been to a wedding reception where people take other people's favors when they're not looking? It happens all the time with our natural handmade soaps. With custom labels and distinctive packages made just for your event, we're sure you'll find our unique wedding favors irresistible.

Having a (Bridal Shower, Baptism, Baby Shower, Barmitzvah, Business Seminar) and searching for unique gifts, what better gift then a monogramed personally scented handmade soap.

Most brides or party-planners have specific ideas/themes in-mind for packaging; we'll work with your wishes and offer suggestions! Custom packaging by us is negotiated based on labor-intensity, materials used. Decorative-mold soaps, because of their irregular shapes, are optimally packaged in a manner that shows-off the attractive design!

Minimum size batch on ALL custom orders is (120 bars).

Custom soapmaking is subject to consultation fees for any inordinately large quantities of time required to help you plan a custom soap based on a $40.00/hr. consultation fee and broken down into no less than any part of 15 minute increments. This fee encompasses telephone correspondence, e-mails, faxs and computer time spent.

If the OH! Soaps & Skin Care Team can be of assistance in any way, donít hesitate to Call Toll Free:(888) 315-3895 or drop us an e-mail at: info@ohsoaps.com